Have you ever felt like you are being attacked in a certain area…maybe finances, marriage, family or even ministry.  In that area - it seems like an onslaught from the enemy. It seems like a demonic storm all around you pushing, prodding and trying to capsize that area of your life.  

In Luke chapter 8 we find the story of the demoniac man at the tombs of Gaderenes. Jesus lands on shore and meets the man. This tormented man with no clothes, no home and no one to rescue him - meets Jesus at the shore and cries out - “Do not torment me!” 

“Torment” - This is a fascinating greek word. The biblical greek language is a picturesque language. It is deep - one word can be translated multiple ways. The word torment according to Blue Letter Bible app translates as:

1.) to test metals by the touchstone

2.) to question by applying torture

3.) to vex with grievous with pains

4.) to be harassed, distressed

a.) of those who at sea are struggling with a head wind

This man tortured and afflicted with these tormenting spirits. Do you see it? Look at #4a…this definition seems to be out of character. The one definition that does not align with the rest of them…but do you remember the story right before the disciples and Jesus met the man.  

Read the story - they are in a boat and heading to the other side and this demonic storm is stirred up…..The disciples overwhelmed, struggling, attacked look to Jesus and say - Jesus we are overcome at sea with this wind! Jesus speaks to the wind and the waves and they calm!

Interesting…the disciples are going to the other side and on the way the demonic spirit that was tormenting the man came against the disciples at SEA!

So have you ever been overwhelmed or attacked in an area? 

I got good news for you…you may be on your way to encounter someone who is being tormented and they need the JESUS inside of you.  So the demonic is trying to shake your faith, to turn you back, get you to turn around, to be overwhelmed because you have Jesus inside of you and you bring freedom wherever you go! 

So rest with Jesus at the bottom of the boat. 

Victory is coming for you and whoever HE sends you to!