Fall 2023

August 21st - October 27th

Our 10-Week Transformative Journey begins with you.

Step into a season of transformation.

Welcome to the Potters House Internship Program at Lebanon House of Prayer! Our 10-week intensive is a transformative journey where you will encounter Jesus, experience inner healing and deliverance, and be profoundly touched by love as you embark on the path of becoming a bridal lover.

The process:

I. week 1-5

During the first 5 weeks, we will delve into the depths of who Jesus is and discover the truth of who He says you are. Through the powerful combination of worship, prayer, and the exposition of the Word, you will experience a profound shift from within.

II. Week 6-10

As you progress, the remaining 5 weeks will introduce exciting opportunities for outreach within our city. Our program incorporates practical rhythms that allow you to apply the spiritual truths you receive, activate your body, and engrain them in your soul. These rhythms will be reinforced through weekly classes throughout the entire 10 weeks.

III. Graduation

By immersing yourself in the Potters House Internship, you will witness remarkable results that will leave a lasting impact on your life. Experience profound inner healing, discover your true identity in Christ, and cultivate a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus. Unlock your potential, step into purpose, and become a radiant vessel of love, equipped to impact the world around you.

Join us in this collective expression of ministry, where we serve both in the secret place and the public sphere. We invite you to embark on this incredible journey of growth and discovery with us. Apply now and step into a season of transformation!

(Autumn & Aaron)

The cost is $2,800 per participant and includes program costs and materials, but not housing, food, or travel expenses.

Message us for more information about payment options.

Apply now to enter your transformation journey.

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